Taking what can seem like the impossible 
and making it happen.

Since 2007, the team at BBC Commercial have been providing commercial fit-outs, shop fittings and a range of tailored and versatile joinery solutions to businesses all throughout New Zealand.

Our customers often have very specific and unique requests – we love a good challenge and taking what can seem like the impossible and making it happen. If a customer has a dream and a vision of how they want their project to look and function, we do whatever it takes to make those dreams a reality. We are in the business of solving problems.

Adapting to change and striving to find solutions is an important part of the culture of our business. Our team are hardworking, eager to learn and have a specialised knowledge, which makes us the perfect team for delivering a range of projects – from the simple to the complex.

Even more important than our knowledge and dedicated work ethic, is our focus on quality work and high standards. We have built a good reputation over the years and we are proud of the high standard of work we deliver – and we aim to uphold those standards for every job and every customer.

Mark Crowhurst – Manager, BBC Commercial

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